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        The Sotaesan Center

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at the Sotaesan Center

will resume on 7/31/2018

The Sotaesan Center

Welcome !

Welcome to the Sotaesan Center.

The center is an opened space for cultivating one’s spirituality and humanity. The Center offers meditation, mind practice, Won Buddhism study for all, whether you are a serious practitioner or simply curious. The center is also operating a small free library for the public. It has a collection of books related to spiritual development, meditation, mind practice philosophy, and Buddhism, etc. Join us in the spiritual journey.

Your support will help us to continue our services including meditation meetings, operating a free library, and other programs.
                  - The Sotaesan Center at Austin

Small Free Library

The Sotaesan center is operating a small free library for the public.

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Timeless Sŏn

Timeless Sŏn(Zen) is the way of practicing meditation at all times, every day. It is not only the way to maintain a peaceful, focused, and right state of mind, but it is also a way to use our original mind well in our daily activities.
Authentic practice begins with realizing our true nature, and based on that realization, we practitioners cultivate our original mind through meditation. The fruit of being enlightened to and nurturing our original mind is the ability to use our minds properly to enrich our lives.