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The Sotaesan Center at Austin

About Us

The Sotaesan Center at Austin is open to the public who are interested in cultivating  spirituality and humanity. The Center offers meditation, mind practice, and Won- Buddhism studies and welcomes anyone, whether you are a serious practitioner or a simply curious visitor. The center also operates a small free library for the public. It has a collection of books related to spiritual inspiration, meditation, mind practice, philosophy, and Buddhism.

In December 2014, Won Media was added to the Sotaesan Center at Austin. Won Media has a small bookstore carrying the similar collection as the library and handles publishing, printing, copy, and graphic design.

In May 2015, Won Media also began  Online bookstore( focusing on meditation and Won Buddhism books primarily.

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Our Vision (Objectives)

To nourish an individual's understanding of his/her own inner beauty and intrinsic goodness called Buddha Nature

To provide a nurturing and educational environment for people who want to become dharma or meditation teachers

To develop and strengthen one's ability for meditation and mind practice

To cultivate one’s spirituality and humanity

To offer compassion, spiritual guidance and service to the people in our community

To promote interreligious and interfaith understanding and cooperation

To cultivate the harmony within one's life as well as enriching relationships between the individual and the community

To produce books and multimedia resources related to spiritual development, meditation, and health