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  • Yeumbul6:33
  • You will gain freedom in birth and death. 
  • You will be gratified by ultimate bliss. 
  • Chanting constantly reflects the original state of your Buddha nature. You may enter Samadhi, a higher level of mediation, if you have one-pointedness while chanting.
  • To get hold of the mind, keep a rhythm with a wooden gong or mocktak or you can use meditation beads.
  • Do not make your chanting voice either too loud or too soft, but keep it at a level appropriate to your energy.
  • Concentrate on your own voice of chanting itself.
  • When you chant, let go of each and every thought and maintain a relaxed mind.
  • First straighten your back, neck and head and settle your energy. Do not swing or shake your body.
  • Perverse states of mind change into right states of mind.
  • Your self-nature’s light of wisdom will shine.
  • The power of endurance grows.
  • Attachments disappear.
  • The power of memory improves.
  • The suffering of illness decreases and your face becomes smoother.
  • The activities of the six sense organs will become orderly.

If one chants "NA-MU-AH-MI-TA-BUL" for a long period of time, one will naturally gain the Samadhi and be gratified by ultimate bliss. 

The specifics of these merits are identical to those sitting meditation as follows:

  • Rash and flighty behavior will gradually disappear.

The method of Chanting meditation is simple and easy that anyone can practice it:


Chanting Meditation

Chanting Meditation is a method of practice that focuses the mind that is distracted among the myriad things into the one pointed mind by reciting a simple phrase or Sutra. Because the mind of a beginning meditator is not settled, chanting meditation is a very efficient method to calm down one’s mind.
In the program, we chant Yeumbul (NA-MU-AH-MI-TA-BUL
etc. The Phrase “NA-MU-AH-MI-TA-BUL” means to return to the Ultimate Bliss of the self-nature that is within all of us.