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You can make your donation through Paypal by clicking on the banner below. 

Making a donation by check

Please make checks payable to "The Sotaesan Center" and send your donation in the mail to:

The Sotaesan Center

7101 Easy Wind Dr. # 3112

Austin,  TX  78752

We here at The Sotaesan Center at Austin would like to thank the contributors who have supported us with their donations. 

These donations have enabled us to keep our doors open to the community. Your support will help us to continue our services including meditation meetings, operating a free library, and other programs.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and contributions.  

All Donations to The Sotaesan Center are Tax-Deductible.

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Donation of Books

The Library welcomes donations of library materials including books, CDs, DVDs for sharing with everyone who visit the library. 

The Sotaesan Center at Austin

  • Location : 7101 Easy Wind Dr. # 3112   Austin, TX 78752
  • Hours : Mon. ~ Fri.  1:00 ~ 5:00 pm
  • Phone : 512-382-9660
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Meditation & Mind Practice

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