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" Enjoyment of the Way brings the Wind of Virtue "

Venerable Kyungsan is currently preparing for the Centennial Celebration of Won-Buddhism in 2015 and working to open up the new era. He has written many books, including “The World of Lao-tzu,” “Taming the Ox: Our Mind,” “Commentary on the Mean,” and “Hill of Freedom: Commentary on The Heart Sutra. ”Three of his books have been translated into English: “The Functioning of a Buddha’s Mind: The Diamond Sutra in Everyday Life,” “The Moon of the Mind Rises in Empty Space,” and “Freedom from Transgressive Karma.”.

In addition, Venerable Kyungsan continues with his efforts to realize the ideals of his predecessor Venerable Daesan, the Third Head Dharma Master, whose Three Proposals for World Peace are the development of moral discipline for cultivating the mind, the opening up a common market, and the establishment of United Religions. Venerable Kyungsan’s particular devotion is the realization of world peace through inter-religious cooperation, uniting people of all religious faiths to work toward the establishment of a worldwide organization of United Religions. 

Won Buddhism

   Venerable Kyungsan, Head Dharma Master

Venerable Kyungsan (Jang, Eungcheol, b.1940) is the fifth Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism.

He entered the Won-Buddhist faith at the age of twenty and graduated from the Department of Won-Buddhist Studies at Wonkwang University in 1968. He served as President of the Youngsan College of Zen Studies, Executive Director of Administration for Won-Buddhism, and Director of the Jung-ang Retreat Center before being inaugurated as the fifth Head Dharma Master in 2006.

Today, his vision includes:

1. The Great Buddha offering of spreading the dharma
2. Embodiment of the Won Buddhist dharma
3. Widely spreading Grace

4. Functioning of all aspects of Won Buddhism according to regulations 
5. Sowing blessings for the coming centuries.