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and his understanding of the doctrine of Won Buddhism grew. This inspired him to devote himself more to the study of the doctrine.  Through ‘The Great Meaning of the Principal Book of Won Buddhism’ and ‘The Diagram of Doctrinal Practice of Won Buddhism’ by Venerable Daesan, he learned the spiritual source of the teaching of Won Buddhism.  Through this, he could better understand the teaching and the planning of Venerable Sotaesan, the Founding Master of Won Buddhism.

As he directly received the dharma words of Venerable Daesan, Venerable Jeonsan became convinced about the life of prayer.  From this, his dharma wisdom advanced and the understanding of Truth deepened.  By his early-40s, he was confident that his vow and faith would never recede.

Venerable Jeonsan has served in various positions in the Won Buddhism order, including Director of the Department of Internal Affairs, Director of the Won Buddhist Regional Office of Gyeonggi and Incheon (Korea), and President of Youngsan College of Zen Studies. Venerable Jeonsan established the basis for ‘the Head Dharma Master of Overseas Headquarters’ in the Constitution of Won Buddhism. He also initiated the effort to compile ‘The Dharma Words of Venerable Daesan’ as the Chairperson of the Compilation Committee.

Won Buddhism

   Venerable Jeonsan, Head Dharma master

Venerable Jeonsan (Juwon Kim) is the sixth Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism. He was born in Jeonju, Korea in 1948.  He excelled in high school, where in the 11th grade he was first introduced to Won Buddhism at the suggestion of a friend.  He quickly took to heart the teachings of The Scriptures of Won Buddhism and became a Won Buddhist.

In the 12th grade, while serving the Venerable Daesan, the Third Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism, he stated his intention to enter the ministry.  Soon thereafter he took the vow to become a minister under the guidance of Venerable Kyuntawon.

As a pre-minister he studied the dharma words of Venerable Daesan, the Third Head Dharma Master,