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Meditation, Mind Study, and  small Library

Three days of practicing the mind becomes a treasure for a thousand years; an object coveted for a hundred years becomes dust in a single morning.   

The study of any science has limits to its use, but if you learn how to make the mind function, this study can be utilized without a moment’s interruption. Therefore, mind practice becomes the basis for all other studies.  

Those who have made a great vow to the great Way should not hope to accomplish it quickly. With quick steps one cannot walk a long distance; with an impatient mind one cannot achieve the great Way. That tall tree is the result of a small shoot growing for many years without decaying; buddhas and bodhisattvas are the result of accumulating merits over a long period of time without going back on their original vow.  

An authentic person’s mind is free from pretense, so everything one does proves genuine. A sage’s mind is free from mutual harm, so everything one does proves virtuous. Therefore, an authentic person’s mind is always upright and thus free from perversity; a sage’s mind is always serene and thus free from distress.  

Nature is the original substance. Spirit is a function of nature; spirit is almost identical with nature but the former contains numinous awareness. Mind is the discriminatory aspect of spirit. The will appears in the mind; the will is that to which the mind moves.
- Master Sotaesan & Chŏngsan

Based on that understanding, we should cultivate and use it skillfully in everyday situations.
Whether a one-hundred dollar bill is crisp or crumpled, it has the same value. Our original mind is pure, bright, and wholesome, lacking nothing.
Everyone has a mind and is constantly using it.

The simple study and practice of mind can enrich our lives.  

Mind Practice

Everything is of our mind’s creation. This is the essence of the Mind Cultivating. This world and our lives are the manifestation of our minds.

Depending upon our state of mind, our lives can become happy or wretched, successful, or less than successful.

From the mind practice we can learn how to use our minds. To use the mind well, we should first know what the mind is like and how it works.