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        The Sotaesan Center

Audio Files of The Scriptures of  Won  Buddhism    Total MP3 Files - 814.1 MB 

Prayer, Chants, and Songs     MP3 Files - 40.1 MB 

The Principal Book of Won Buddhism     MP3 Files -  122 MB 

The Scripture of the Founding Master_Chap. 1~7      MP3 Files - 373 MB 

The Scripture of the Founding Master_Chap. 8~15    MP3 Files -  279 MB 

Diamond Sutra     PDF File - 81 KB

Heart Sutra     PDF File - 16 KB

Chants of Won Buddhism     PDF File - 208 KB

The Scriptures of Won Buddhism     PDF File - 2.23MB

     - The Principal Book & The Scripture of the Foundinf Master, Sotaesan

The Dharma of Timeless Sŏn     PDF File - 27.8 KB

     - In The Principal Book of Won Buddhism

The Way of Sittinged Meditation     PDF File - 1.60 MB

     - Commentary of The Method of Seated Meditaion in The Principal Book of Won Buddhism

Resource Files

eBook version of The Scriptures of Won Buddhism with Korean / English Translations including searching feature

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