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Meditation, Mind Study, and  small Library

Sŏn [Meditation] Yogaenables you to maintain serenity, health, and vitality of body and mind through integration and harmony of consciousness, breathing and movement. 
This will lead you to the deepest Samadhi, and ultimately emancipate your body and mind.  
Sŏn Yoga movement requires three principals; Dan Jeun centered, relaxation/flexation, and concentration; which makes you in charge of your mind, your breath, and your body. Therefore, you can obtain freedom of mind, breath, and body which leads us to a serene, healthy, happy, beautiful and creative life.
  • Created by Ven. Daesan (Kim, Daegŏ , the third head master of Won Buddhism)
  • Demonstrated by Ven. Juksan (Hwang, Do Guk)               * This video is in Korean with English subtitles.

Meditation & Mind Practice