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Tai Chi (Yang style) is one of many different styles of Tai Chi that is famous for it's Qi-Gong oriented movements. Although Yang style Tai Chi is a form of martial arts, it is very different from other kinds of martial arts because of its slow and gentle movements. 
There are two different styles of martial arts: external style and internal style. The external style martial arts focus on empowering the muscles and strengthening the body. Yang style Tai Chi is an internal style which is more oriented in focusing the mind and strengthening the Qi(氣 energy). Because of these unique characteristics, many practitioners exercise Tai Chi as moving meditation regardless of age and gender.

As you practice Tai Chi, the harmony of body, mind and Qi can be achieved. Since it also helps to develop a deeper sense of awareness of the body, Tai Chi improves balancing skills and helps to attain proper posture. Tai Chi, not only has many benefits as a form of martial arts, it also helps to improve your skills in various sports like golf, tennis and so on. This may be the reason for its popularity among professional athletes who practice Tai Chi along with meditation.

Demonstrated by Master Seung H. Song 

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